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I can produce your next project. This means I will be present for all sessions to assist with songwriting, arrangments, lyric content, performances, tone shaping, etc. I will ultimately help facilitate the artistic, administrative, and technical means needed to achieve your artistic vision. Engineering/mixing services can be combined with production if that is what you require.



Let me engineer your next session. I will be involved with all technical aspects of the tracking sessions. I will work with the producer (if present) and artist to make equipment choices ideal for the project. I can operate all the necessary equipment needed to record your project. I will make sure the sound in your head is exactly what gets printed to tape. 




I will take the raw elements that have been recorded, and employ various forms of processing to give your song that finished sound. This includes, but is not limited to, things like: equalization, compression, reverb, delay, vocal tuning, stereo field manipulation, saturation, noise reduction, etc. Also includes some editing. If heavy editing is required, additional editing fees may be requested.





In addition to the services listed above I also provide more specialized services upon request such as:




       Trim files & create fades/crossfades to eliminate clicks, pops, and unwanted noise. move, stretch, and manipulate audio to fix performance mistakes. Pocket elements to the tempo (i.e. drums & bass).




       Add electronic elements to your track to give it that added interest. Synth lines, drum beats, ambient pads/strings, etc.



-Live sound

       FOH engineer, monitor engineer, stage hand, etc.



-Scoring for visual media

        I will compose the music for your next media project.





         I can play some guitar on your track.



*Prices & services are negotiable based on the project. Please contact me.

**Studio time, gear rentals, cartage, and other misc fees are expected to be covered by the artist.

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